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Wear the Farshtunken Mask!  
presented by the Prosserman JCC

Moderator: Joanna Baron

Featured Speakers: Eloge Butera, Maayan Ziv, Megan Phelps-Roper

“But of course, this doesn’t apply to me. Why should it?!” We live in a reality where a person’s actions and opinions have a real impact on others. COVID-19 has revealed a stark contrast between social responsibility, and the rights and freedoms of the individual. Whether you’ve strictly self-isolated or weighed the risks of gathering with family and friends, your actions have consequences for you and on others. So what can we learn from this about society? And armed with this knowledge, how can we strengthen connections between those with extremely different opinions? 

Change Up  
presented by Rapkin Wein LLP

Moderator: Michael Landsberg

Featured Speakers: Elliotte Friedman, Mark Shapiro 

Kneeling on the sidelines, branded Black Lives Matter jerseys...It’s game night, but is it still really all about sports? As thousands of fans tune into ESPN, what responsibility does the sports industry have regarding the social issues of our time? Is the professional sports industry a fun distraction or do sports celebrities and everyday fans have a responsibility to change up their focus and get off the couch? 

Window Shopping 
presented by Dr. Jeremy Frank & Associates

Moderator: Shira Fenyes

Featured Speakers: Dr. Arielle Buch-Frohlich, Dr. Jeremy Frank, Stacy Goldstein, Chad Goodman, Chelsea Sauvé

Swipe, swipe, swipe. You’re a match! Well virtually anyway. The way we meet has changed so much, so fast. Shouldn’t it be easier to find love in a seemingly bottomless pool of eligible singles online? It doesn’t seem to be. Is choice overload keeping us from finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, or is the real search for some of us about finding our true selves?

In the Absence of Plan(et) B  
presented by United Bakers

Moderator: Aaron Freeman

Featured Speakers: Annamie Paul, Dianne Saxe, Jared Lindzon, Jonah Kotzer, Risa Alyson Cooper

It’s hard to imagine that climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity, and yet, simultaneously the most solvable existential crisis humans have ever faced. Join our panel of environmental experts for powerful insights into the roles voters, employees, consumers and corporations can play right now to safeguard our one and only Planet A. 

Jewish: At What Cost?
presented by Dr. Jeremy Frank & Associates

Moderator: Sasha Stackle & Jesse Tepperman

Featured Speakers: Winnie Sandler Grinspoon, Sarena Koschitzky, Michael Levitt, Andres Spokoiny, Rafi Yablonsky

Judaism demands that we act with intention to fulfil our great potential. But at what cost?! The path to elevated living never goes on sale. In fact, the cost of Jewish involvement seems to increase year-over-year. And the time invested in Jewish life doesn’t come cheap, either. Is living Jewishly worth the struggle? And at what price, financial and social, should we be willing to pay to balance our Jewish and secular lives? Join global and local Jewish community members as they openly weigh the sacrifices and demands with the ROI of Jewish life. 

presented by PearTree Canada

Moderator: Ethan Zohn

Featured Speakers: Kitra Cahana, Judy Feld Carr, Amanda Kauffman, Akilah Allen Silverstein

We know. WE KNOW! Your mother loves you and she’s told you that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to; that you should reach for the stars! It’s an intoxicating idea and we don't want to mess with your mom, BUT... What happens when it's time for a reality check; when what you’ve aimed for is actually out of reach? Is it healthy to continue believing in your limitless potential or are you just setting yourself up for disappointment? Join our panel of resilient friends who share stories of getting smacked-down and the intense struggle to adjust their expectations and measures of success.  

The Jewish Jester (Case study of Sacha Baron Cohen)  presented by King David's Frozen Products

Moderator: Andy Nulman 

Featured Speakers: Ronen Geisler, Robby Hoffman, Mike Khardas, Rachel Manson

Sacha Baron Cohen is dangerous! He walks the fine line between social critique and humour in the great tradition of the Jewish court jester. Beyond the edge of the line, he stabs at injustice to provoke meaningful change. But whistle blowing, whether through comedy or not can be dangerous to one’s self. Not everyone is a skilled performer, producer, or comic blessed with the ability to push complex ideas into the light for our own good and live to tell the tale. So, when it comes to pointing-out injustice in the world, what can we learn from the greats about calling a spade a spade and living to tell the tale?

Just Listen
presented by KPMG

Moderator: Tema Smith

Featured Speakers: Rivka Campbell, Kendell Pinkney, Dylan Simmons

Our Jewish traditions strengthen community by design... But what happens when our communal assumptions create systemic barriers prohibiting Jews of Colour from equally accessing Jewish institutional and social life? Comes listen. Just listen. Learn as members of the community share their personal stories and revisit key Jewish sources in the hopes of accelerating equitable participation in Jewish communal life.

In G-d's image... Edited  
presented by Socialdrop

Moderator: Jeremy Cammy

Featured Speakers:  Randi Bergman, Emma Fogel, Leanna Hefter, Dr. Mathew Plant

Who doesn’t love a fresh haircut?! A new jacket? And what about a piercing? A tattoo? Or even a nose job?! These edits make us feel more like the person we want to be. But, why do we spend so much time and effort on the outside when it’s what’s on the inside that matters most? And what are we really trying to express when we focus on how we want others to perceive how we're doing rather than on how we actually want to be doing ourselves? Our panelists dive head-first into an unfiltered talk about the struggle to love our insides as much as our outsides. 

"inspiring Jews share their stories at Jedx"

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We miss you! Come hang-out at our fun-filled JSwipe After Party. There’ll be meet-and-greets with speakers and friends, a pre-dawn Jerusalem walking tour, plus games, music, and more! It’s JEDx‘n’chill. See you there!

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